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I was born at a young age, soon I had grown into an older person, with more years under my belt than when I was born. At the age of five I had my fifth birthday. Seven years later I was twelve years older than the day I was born. A few years later I was older than that. Soon I was old enough to start a web log. A year after that I was mature enough to call it a blog. Shortly after that I typed this. Oh, how the years go by.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I can't say that

I have a ton of really important information to report tonight. So I guess I'll just rant a little about nothing really all that important. Don't you hate it when someone posts and makes the title the first word or phrase of the post? Man, I hate it! If you don't catch on, the first sentance makes no sense! And sometimes missing it can change the entire meaning of the post..... Ok, I'll stop complaining, but this is my blog after all. That means you Zed!


Blogger Reepicheep said...

never would do something like that. Where do you get off insulting me, sir?

Right here? Okay, can I come?

10:56 PM  

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