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I was born at a young age, soon I had grown into an older person, with more years under my belt than when I was born. At the age of five I had my fifth birthday. Seven years later I was twelve years older than the day I was born. A few years later I was older than that. Soon I was old enough to start a web log. A year after that I was mature enough to call it a blog. Shortly after that I typed this. Oh, how the years go by.

Friday, October 27, 2006

A little motivation.

Behold the beauty of my motivational poster. If you have no idea what that means than you are an ignorant bafoon... Or you can discreetly go to Wikipedia and look up lorem ipsum, or if you are really lazy you can just click on the links I gave you. Whatever, its not like I would ever know the difference. Unless I am watching you right now... I saw that!

ps. If you want to make one of those yourself, just click the Arts and crafts link over to the left, or just click here. Lazy son of a...


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